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Import Procedure from Japan Auction Explained

   Step 1 : Find Your Target Vehicle
  You probably already know what car you want to buy. We
will send detailed auction information with brief translation and 2 pictures to you, and also estimate C&F price to Vancouver. If you want a particular vehicle, please let us know by E-mail.  We will find the right car for you.

  Step 2 : Send Service Initiation Fee
  In order for us to see that you are committed, we need you to pay service initiation fee (100% refundable before placing a bid or ordering on-site inspection) to begin the process at the auction.  The initiation fee must be paid in order to be able to bid without exception.
  This fee will go towards the total payment if you become the winning bidder on any of your target vehicles.

Bid Range


Under 200,000YEN


200,001YEN and Up


  Step 3 : Bid on Your Target Vehicle
  We will send you a physical inspection report by E-mail or phone at the date of auction. The report will be conducted by our staffs in Japan or affiliated inspectors throughout Japan. We may be able to take detailed pictures of target vehicles for you to make final dicisions if possible. You can give us a maximum bid price 2 hours before auction. We will discuss the maximum bid price together.

  Step 4 : Notify Auction Result
  The result of the auction will be notified by E-mail.  If your bidding were successful, we will send you the invoice.  If not, we will continue to bid on next target cars for at upcoming auctions.

  Step 5 : Pay the Remaining Balance
  You need to pay at least 50% of the total cost in 5 business days after winning the vehicle.  Let us know your preferred shipping method (RO-RO or container) as early as possible.  Otherwise, we arrange RO-RO shipping for you.  The rest of the remaining balance must be paid when the vehicle arrives in New Westminster. 

  Step 6 : Ship Your Vehicle
  Prior to shipping, we will wash and vacuum your vehicle for clean-up.  We book the first available vessel to your desired location (most of them to New Westminster, BC). The export process usually takes about 3 to 6 weeks depending on the vessel availability.  After the vessel leaves Japan, we will prepare the Canada in-land procedures, and let you know when you can pick up your dream car.




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